• Access to Full PAF from Royal Mail
  • Hosted solution, maintenance free
  • Easy to integrate into any website or application
  • Free technical support


  • Speeds up address capture
  • Improves quality of data captured
  • Saves time and money


  • XML web service
  • JavaScript
  • Ready to go modules for popular shopping carts

Find the full address from a postcode

RapidAddress is our most popular product and implements the classic postcode lookup and address auto complete functionality: the user enters a postcode, clicks a button and selects a full address from a list.

Demo #1 - postcode lookup to get full address

Demo use is limited to 5 lookups per IP address per day.

Demo #2 - postcode lookup with house name/number

House Name/Number:

Demo use is limited to 5 lookups per IP address per day.

Main Benefits of Postcode Lookup

In two words: speed & data quality. Using RapidAddress to add postcode lookup to your website or application will speed up the address forms and improve usability. Postcode lookup also dramatically improves the quality of address data captured.

Highest Quality Data

RapidAddress is based on the Full PAF from Royal Mail (Postcode Address File). It is the most reliable and up to date source of postcode and address information in the UK.

Reliable hosted service

Our web service runs from multiple fully autonomous data centres located in different regions. We load balance between the data centres and have state of the art distributed anycast DNS. This setup gives us the ability to fail over between the data centres should any location experience a problem. We take service uptime very seriously, and have a 100% up time record.

Simple integration

You have a choice of an XML API or JavaScript, and there are fully working postcode lookup examples to get you started. We also provide ready to go postcode lookup plugins for some of the most popular shopping carts.

Free technical support

Our technical support is based in the UK and available by phone or email.

Web developers

Do you like the demo? Would you like to add address lookup to your own website or application?

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